Happy Tails! - August 2017

"My heart sank and I knew I had to help him find his family. I pulled along side of him, leaned over and opened the passenger side door and told him to get in. He obliged to my complete surprise and I could see that once he was in the car that he only did it because I was his only hope."

Happy Tails! - July 2017

"We had just started yelling his name when we heard a faint meow come from a 2nd story cracked window. We both stopped and looked up, unanimously thinking, ‘NO WAY.’ Started calling his name and ran towards the window. IT WAS BARLEY!!"

Happy Tails! - June 2017

"Finally, that timid boy stepped toward me, wagged his body, then tackled my husband who was standing several yards away. It was a joyous reunion. We can't thank all the folks who helped, searched for and cared about our lost dog enough."

Happy Tails! - May 2017

"If a friend, family member, or neighbor loses their pup I will immediately recommend PawBoost. I'm a professional writer, but even I struggle to find words to accurately express my relief, elation, and absolute and utter joy at reuniting with my sweet pup."

Happy Tails! – April 2017

"PawBoost made me feel like the word would get out quicker and I felt like my chances of finding her were higher. It gave me a sense of peace knowing that I had a more extensive search that went out further and more successful then just my neighborhood flyers alone."